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  1. What is a PBA report?
    The PBA, Personal Behaviour Analysis, is an analysis of behaviour patterns based on a scientific study of a person’s minutest reaction to selected questions. The PBA report uses this data to analyse and understand a person’s basic behaviour and how that affects their approach to their day to day life. For example, it could identify if the subject is more visionary, execution oriented or analytical or a combination.
  2. Micro patterns, do I have them?
    Everyone has behaviour patterns and these patterns can be seen by the micro movements of your facial expressions. Everyone’s behaviour has learned elements; elements that are controlled by our basic personality. These elements create consistent micro movements that develop into patterns by the age of 1 or 2 years old and do not change as we age or learn new things
  3. How can my personality be understood from a video?
    Video is an essential tool of PBA as micro movements are difficult to see without video that slows down the reaction so they can be viewed frame by frame. Clearwater’s trained experts analyse the video with biometric software and decode these patterns: you need specialist training to understand what you see when compared with the biometric output.
  4. Is my information secure and private?
    Clearwater does not handle any personal information. The videos that are sent to us for analysis do not contain any personal information whatsoever. The sender of the video is the only party that can connect the video or the report to the individual. The videos are stored on a secure server for one week after the report has been delivered and then deleted.
  5. Can the software misread my facial expression?
    Clearwater uses highly sophisticated technology similar to that which airports use to check your identity. This software can make mistakes, misreading your facial expression, this is why Clearwater uses highly trained experts to ensure that the results are accurate; we do not rely solely on the biometric software
  6. I have read my own PBA report and I don’t think it truly describes me.
    This may reflect on your own self-awareness. How we see ourselves is not always the same as how others see us; this will depend on who is observing you. For example you could believe you are a good influencer and you will have feedback that supports that however that same behaviour could be seen by others as manipulative. The PBA report gives information how the subject is seen from neutral position.
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